Mouser Lighting Program 2020

2 Long Lasting and Durable LED lights have an extremely long service life, up to 25 years or 50,000 hours. This dramatically reduces maintenance and replacement costs. Powerful, Bright, and Adaptable Despite their size, LED lights are bright and produce a saturated light color. They achieve full brightness as soon as they are switched on, and are fully dimmable with no buzzing or humming. UL Approved The LED UL Rating allows building inspectors to sign off on projects that use lighting in closets, cabinets and drawers. We are proud to introduce the Mouser Cabinetry Lighting Program! Cabinet exterior and interior lighting has become a must for many homeowners simply because of the way it enhances the beauty of the cabinetry and provides light to normally shadowed areas. Mouser Cabinetry offers a practical LED lighting program that will give designers the options they need to add lighting to their cabinetry designs. Integrated Lighting Design Program Low Heat and No UV Rays LED lights generate almost no heat, making LED lighting systems especially suitable for displays and enclosed spaces. LED lighting does not emit ultraviolet rays (UV), which means there is less risk of fading to fabrics, paint, artwork and other normally sensitive materials. Low heat generation is a requirement for allowing lighting in enclosed spaces. Energy Saving LED lights use up to 90% less energy than tungsten filament light bulbs. They can be used in a wide range of designs and still support energy saving standards. Advantages of LED Lighting With its high efficiency, low heat emission and flexible configurations, improved LED technology has changed the rules for where lights can go and what they can do. The brochure photography is intended to provide design inspiration, installation ideas and achievable applications with our lighting program. Improvements to our product offering may not be fully reflected in the brochure photography.